The Wanderer

Timali is an easygoing individual who is ready to go anywhere that life takes her.

She was born in Toronto, Canada on the 7th of the 7th in 1993. She arrived in Sri Lanka 9 months old and stayed there till the age of 14 when she moved to the United Kingdom. She has brown skin and short hair and is a rebel in her personal life. She is wild by nature and struggles in the confines that she finds herself in. Now she lives in Canada, the country where she is a citizen as birth had it.

Timali loves her trips. She cherishes memories from her childhood when she went places around Sri Lanka with her relatives. She lives and re-lives the places she’s been to as an adult and she would like to share her personal mediocre travel adventures with you. A love of life and a love of nature overflows in her heart.

This blog is to share that passion.

She has another more established blog where she focuses on the micro-miracles of life:

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